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September 29, 2016 Incident

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On September 29th 2016 the Coronation Ambulance Crew was involved in an incident while moving their Patient from the Ambulance Bay into the Castor Hospital. While pushing the stretcher and packing the Lp15 heart monitor and portable oxygen tank, the stretcher hit a crack in the floor causing the stretcher to roll on its side with the Patient secured to it. The Patient suffered no injury during this unfortunate event. The Patient was placed on a backboard with full spinal precautions and with the aid of an RN, the Patient was reassessed in the Castor hospital. ECAA has identified the need to use an oxygen tank holding device specific to the type of stretcher in use. Further training on patient handling will be implemented by the Training Officer.


On November 8, 2016 while backing the ambulance into the Castor Bay the driver's side mirror struck the building and broke the mirror. A new mirror has since been ordered and the existing mirror repaired. It has been noted that the bay entry for the ambulance is very narrow and as such the crews must be very careful and attentive when entering or exiting the bay.

East Central Ambulance Association (ECAA)